It is true
hundreds of Nigerians from various states move
. These people mostly
do move to Lagos
search of better live
lihood, and whether they do or do not
find the better livelihood they seek is a topic for another day.
This constant movement of people into Lagos means that
people are always in look-out for the best areas to live in Lagos. It could be
areas to build a family house in Lagos, safest areas to raise children in
Lagos, areas with the best schools in Lagos, areas with the best nightlife in
Lagos, or the best areas to live as a bachelor in Lagos.
Do you fall into this category of people who are
seeking to find the best area to live in Lagos? Below I take you through the 11
best areas to live in Lagos. These areas are both
on the mainland and the island of Lagos,
and generally they provide the best of what Lagos has to offer.

1. Yaba/Akoka and environs

 The Yaba zone is a blend of commercial &
residential properties and it is simply
reachable from most part of the state. Over the years, several
estates have
sprung up in Yaba.
One other
thing worthy of note is there are a number of
academic institutions around there. These
the prestigious
University of Lagos, Yaba College of Technology and the Federal College of Education.
There are
of bar, club and
hotel for those that like a bit of living pleasure
. There is
the E- Centre and
Ozone Cinema, located in Commercial Avenue in Sabo.

2. Surulere and environs

Surulere is
yet another very cozy area that you should think of
living in
As it has always
been decades ago, Surulere is still a nice area to work and live in.
are l
ots of mall such
the Abraham Adesanya
Shopping mall, Spar,
and Shoprite. Surulere is one locality to live as far as you have the money to
purchase a
home of your choice.
Rents as well do not come cheap in Surulere.

3. Apapa GRA

When it
comes to Apapa, you may begin to worry over the heavy traffic that is usually
caused by the trucks and containers entering the sea port there. The reality is
that Apapa still
hosts some of the luxurious pieces of real estate, both commercial and residential in
Apapa also has a huge concentration of expatriates. In time past before expatriates began to become decentralized, they resided almost
exclusively in Apapa
This aided development in the area in a very big way.

4. Ajah/Lekki area

That the
Lekki area
is one of the best areas
live in Lagos is not
a latest discovery. The area has really come a long way in terms of expansion and its nearness to the
districts of Victoria Island, Ikoyi and the Lagos Island makes it
stand tall above competition
Without a
Lekki’s nearness to Lagos CBD has had plenty of positive effect on its
development, so
much so that luxury
housing developments
have now taken over
place of
that straddled
its length
decades ago

5. Victoria Island

 Victoria Island in the last two decades or more has
become the cho
ice locality for the corporate headquarters of big businesses
in Lagos
. In time past it
Lagos Island, but now everything
has turned around and
now want to have
an office
in VI. 
The availability of what to do in Victoria Island has
also made it a top choice for residential purposes in Lagos.
It has Lagos’
best residential developments, restaurants, schools, parks, making it
all-in-all one of the best areas to live in Lagos

6. Magodo GRA

If you are
looking for a peaceful area to live in, where there is very slight traffic

except when a
neighbor is having a party, you need to
start thinking of either Magodo GRA 1 or Magodo GRA Phase 2 (Shangisha). These areas are your best
options, as
they have loads and loads of great
residential structures
There are also
very good roads, as well
as other infrastructures that make
living in an area fun and

7. Omole Estate

This area is located just on the other side of Alausa
secretariat. Here, you will find places like
Omole estate 1 and 2, as well as MKO Abiola Gardens. These places give visitors to Lagos a wow impression of the city as they enter through the Lagos
Ibadan Expressway.
Omole Estate is no doubt
one of the best areas to
live in

8. Ikeja GRA and environs

Ikeja GRA is
nice and well planned out.
It is by far the most popular GRA in Lagos, plus the facts that it  is central and has direct link to places like Maryland, Opebi Allen, Ilupeju and the busiest Airport in the
the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, not forgetting
the seat of
in Lagos. These and more make Ikeja GRA a major location to build or
that dream home
and live that dream Lagos life

9. Gbagada

It is no longer
news that Gbagada is
quickly becoming a great place to live in Lagos. Real estate
investment in Gbagada also yeild some of the best returns in the whole of
There has been plenty of housing
developments springing
here. In Gbagada lives
a large class of elites, with the most prominent among them being expatriates
. Gbagada is well planned, and its scenery and serenity is universally

10. Ikoyi

Ikoyi used to be a quarter for British colonialists. For this reason, it has always been where the rich and
wealthy live in.
There used
to be issues with swamps in the past in Ikoyi, but many decades later, we see
an Ikoyi that have been sand filled and developed into prime lands.
continues to attract the cream of the crop in the society
desire very exclusive lifestyle
Domains like
Northern Foreshore and Parkview are some of the fine places
live in

11. Banana Island

If you have
a very high taste
and very deep pockets and you are looking to live in the poshest area of Lagos, you may begin to consider moving
into the
Banana Island.
This is on
e place you find the most magnificent residences in Lagos. The scenery is divine. The
environment is serene and posh too.
Security is water-tight in
Banana Island.
Unfortunately, all these do not come cheap. If your pay cheque
can afford them however, then I see no reason why you are not already living in
Banana Island.
To sum it
all up,
living in Lagos isn’t a child’s play. It has persistently
been labelled a very frustrating experience, but if you sit down and make a
perfect choice among the best areas to live in Lagos, putting into
consideration your lifestyle and experiences…
Who says you won’t get to enjoy the best of Lagos

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