What you’re
about to read has nothing to do with what the law does or does not permit. Renting
out a premises is strictly a contract between the landlord and the tenant, so anything
they agree upon is legally binding.
What I have
below are just ridiculous terms and conditions that I have seen in many tenancy
agreements. These terms are mostly so dictatorial that it’s impossible for an
average Joe to keep to them, making it mind-boggling why most tenants keep
appending their signatures on them.
suggestion is that no one should agree to such ridiculous terms. Note however
that if you chose to agree to them then you’re bound by law to keep to them.

1.Tenant must not lead
immoral life

exactly does it mean to lead immoral life? Is this topic not so subjective to
be determined by the opinions of a single man who possibly lead a distinct
lifestyle and have distinct life experiences?

2.Tenant must turn off
their generator by 10pm

have become very useful part of every Nigerian household. Should an outsider,
like a landlord determine when a household makes use of such a useful machine?
happens when it’s past 10pm and a tenant and his household are dying of heat in
their bedrooms?

3.Tenant cannot take in a
guest without first getting permission from the landlord

are generally used to turning up unannounced. Keeping to this term means
turning back any guest that turns up unannounced.
And such
guest may include your mother.

4. Female tenants are not
permitted to take in male guests

Is this for
real? So, my brother, father, or boyfriend should not come to my house simply
because my landlord might get jealous?

5. Male tenants are not
permitted to take in female guests

So, if I
jam a very hot chick at the club, I should take her to the bush when I spent
over a million renting and furnishing a condo?

6. Tenant must be home by
10pm everyday

Who the
hell are you, Mr Landlord to dictate when an adult comes into their apartment?
What if I
have a party to rock, or a dead grandpa’s Wake Keep to attend?

7. Landlord can order
tenant to pack out anytime he pleases

So, if the
landlord doesn’t like the smell of my perfume, he can simply ask me to pack out
and that’s just it?

8. Tenant must not
exchange words with co-tenants

seriously, aren’t these tenants humans? How can they live without disagreements?

9. Tenant must not involve
the police in any disagreement with the landlord

This term
confirms that some landlords see themselves as lord of the house, and thus
their decisions are supreme. Landlords are not to be confronted, no matter
their ills.

10. Tenant must neither
smoke nor drink beer in the premises

In this
case, we should start addressing landlords as some kind of Hisbah police.

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