It’s a day to Valentine’s Day, and maybe you’re still comparing romantic tech gifts for her. You feel  the woman in your life has had enough of traditional gifts of flowers, underwear, or chocolate, so you want to go out of your way to surprise her this time around. You are convinced she needs something fresh out of factory, but are confused over the choice of one that would still be able to convey the mood of the season. This article is here to help, and what follows below is an introduction to 10 romantic tech gifts for her this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Tech Gifts For Her This Valentine’s Day

1. Heated Smart Travel Mug With Temperature Control

travel mug

The Heated Smart Travel Mug is the perfect tool to keep your woman’s beverage warm, at her desired temperature, whenever she is on the road or at the office. She can preset the temperature she wants her beverage warmed to, and a smart alert system lets her know when this desired temperature is reached. The Heated Smart Travel Mug With Temperature Control also features a LED indicator through which temperatures of beverages are monitored.
Word of caution: The Heated Smart Travel Mug does not boil cold drinks and shouldn’t be used for such.

2. Kate Spade New York Black Scallop Activity Tracker


The manufacturer of this amazing smart wearable describes it as a “personal cheerleader”, and we think that’s what a romantic tech gift for her should be. It tracks everything you want it to track about you: from exercises to drinking.
The Kate Spade New York Activity Tracker is linked to the Kate Spade New York app, which helps motivate you to pursue your set goals, and make every little accomplishment a thing of joy. It is splash and dust-resistant, and comes with a changeable coin cell battery. The Kate Spade New York Black Scallop Activity Tracker goes for $80, but it’s worth far more than as a gift. This places it on top on the list of romantic tech gifts for her.

3. Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Bluetooth Headset


The most stand-out features of the Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Bluetooth Headset is its external cat ear speakers for sharing music. This means that even though you’re giving out this to your woman this Valentine’s Day for her private listening pleasure, you still get to share in her excitement when she turns on a tune that she believes you would love to listen to. This tune can be a love song, an inspirational song. It could be anything that makes both of you stronger together.
Brookstone Wireless Car Ear Headphones Bluetooth Headset offers wireless pairing with any Bluetooth device, independent controlled color-changing accent lights, and it’s rechargeable via USB.

4. Bluetooth Beanie Wireless Hat with Scarf

bluetooth beanie

The Bluetooth Beanie Wireless Hat with Scarf offers double warmth in music and beanie. It is made from elastic knitted material, which makes it soft and comfortable.
The Bluetooth Beanie Wireless Hat features an in-built wireless microphone that enables you to answer calls without removing the beanie, and an ergonomic design that makes it an ideal Bluetooth headset for enjoying music on the go. If these features don’t win your woman’s heart this Valentine’s Day, then I don’t know what will.

5. Kate Spade Scallop smartwatch

kate spade smartwatch

The rose gold-tone stainless steel scallop smartwatch comes equipped with stylish tools and powerful functionalities. Your lady can match the face of this watch to her outfit, but that’s not its only impressive feature. The Kate Spade Scallop smartwatch lets you track daily activities, download apps, access Google Assistant, monitor your heartbeat, pay for your shopping, and set and monitor your goals.
The Kate Spade Scallop smartwatch pairs wirelessly with Android and iPhone, and can receive call and message alerts, and control music. This amazing smatchwatch is undoubtedly one of the most romantic tech gifts for her this Valentine’s Day.

6. VanDerWaals Smart Handbag

romantic tech gift 1

If your woman is not into traditional handbags, then VanDerWaals Smart Handbag is something she will go crazy over. This very smart handbag comes with the ability to change color and match any color your woman likes. This surely means even the color of her outfits.
The VanDerWaals Smart Handbag can also charge your lady’s phone on the go. The bag comes in three different sizes, so you can easily pick her style. If this doesn’t blow her mind, nothing else will.

7. Bellabeat Leaf Urban

bellabeat leaf urban

Aside being a very fashionable piece of jewelry, the Bellabeat leaf urban gives you a comprehensive insight into your daily life.
With this, your lady can track her period cycle, log her pregnancy, monitor her weight loss routine, manage her mood better, and get to know her overall self better, thereby helping her set measured goals and enhance ways of achieving them. The Bellabeat Leaf Urban is the ultimate tech gift for her that you have been searching for.

8. Case-Mate Phone Cases for iPhone and Samsung


If you probable gifted her a Samsung phone or an iPhone last Christmas, gifting her a stylish Case-Mate phone case this Valentine’s Day is not out of place. This would not be misconstrued for stinginess but for what it really is, which is a symbol of care and attention, which is all the season is about.

9. Kindle Paperwhite


You can get the woman in your life her favorite e-reader this Valentine’s Day, and she will never lack interesting stories to spice up your times together thereafter. This very light e-reader comes with a flush-front design that makes reading on it feel like reading on a paper. It is water-proof, so your woman can even read on the bath; comes with 8GB storage; and pairs with Bluetooth headphones.

10. WHOOSH! Cleaning Kit


The WHOOSH! screen cleaner kit cleans every screen, from smartphones, eyeglasses, iPad, e-readers, LED, LCD, and TV screens. This cleaning kit is designed to clean, polish, and protect; and does no harm to you or the screen.

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